Brief Insights on Choosing the Best Dog Sitter

Man in blue dress shirt sitting beside brown dog during daytime

Are you planning a vacation or traveling for work and having a pet back at home? If yes, then you must be worried about the furry friend’s wellbeing. After all, pets are an integral part of our family, and we want to take the best possible care for them. Rather than boarding with the kennel or burdening your relatives or friend to look after the pet, you can consider hiring a dog sitter.

Choosing the Right Dog Sitter

Choosing the best dog sitter needs little more effort than grasping over the yellow pages and making random calls to them when it comes to choosing the best dog sitter. It would help if you considered many factors to find the most suitable dog sitter for your pet. This post talks about some useful insights that you can follow or make use of to find the best place for your pet while you are away from the home. Let’s begin!

Plan Early to Avoid Last Minute Hiccups

In most of the cases, travel plans are made in advance, and you have adequate time to look after the regular chores. Consider finding the right dog sitter equally important. The last thing you would be expecting is to leave the town uneasy about the pet sitter you have chosen at the last minute. Give some time in deciding the best option for the pet. Before deciding your pet sitter, check out the websites, social media profiles, reviews from past clients and other prospects.

Meet in Person

When you are done with the list of dog sitters in the town that matches all the criteria, it’s time to visit the place in person. Make sure to have a brief meeting with the sitters in person. This is the time when you must ask potential questions.

You must enquire about the years of experience the sitters have. Do not commit anything on the first visit, and take your time to think and then make your decision. Consider looking for other options as well.

Ask Whether Insured or Not

Insurance is very important when you are choosing or looking for the best dog sitter. Enquire whether the property is completely insured or not so that your pet remains safe. Never choose or pick a facility that does not offer or have insurance for the pets. If you have already taken pet insurance, let them know the sitter in advance.

Things to Share With the Dog Sitter

When you are leaving your dog with a new dog sitter and in a completely new atmosphere, it is important and your responsibility to share all essential details with your new dog sitter. You must inform your dog sitter about the pet’s medical history, habits, and behavioral changes. Along with these, you must also inform about:

  • The list of vaccinations done and pending both along with the recent medical conditions and medications
  • Emergency contact details that must include the contact number of the veterinary doctor hospitals along with the details of the place where you are going for the vacation
  • Disclose the daily routine of the pet, vaccines, walking, applying, eating and sleeping routines
  • Bring the electric dog fence along with that you have installed to ensure the safety of your pets from strangers
  • You should also carry identification tags or collar tags worn by the pet while you are away
  • List of rooms that are off-limits for the pet

All these information will ensure that your pet is safe and sound in the place while you are not there along with the pet.

Enquire About Memberships

If you are really worried and want to take the best care of your pet, you must inquire whether the sitter belongs to any professional organization. There is a set of guidelines set by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and you have chosen one must comply with them. The organization is also one of the most significant sources of finding qualified sitters in the town.

While it is true that the professional you choose does not necessarily have to be associated with an organization, it certainly helps. It will also ensure that the professional you choose is serious about the work and is committed to following the industry standards.

Ask Probing Questions

Playing a “what-if” game with a professional sitter is one of the best strategies to consider when you are looking for the best dog sitter. Make sure to ask a series of questions mentioning potential situations and how the sitter can deal with them.

For instance, what will happen if your pet is not doing well and needs emergency help? What if you are stuck and can’t get home when you said you would? What if the pets get severely injured?

All these questions will help you to get an idea about the ability of the professional sitter of how efficient he/she is in dealing with pets in your absence. Please share your own experiences finding the best dog sitter below in the comment section. You can also suggest some tips for the pet owners looking forward to the best solutions.

Photo by Cristian Castillo on Unsplash.