Buying Dog Collars for your puppies?

You’ve got a dog; you undoubtedly will want to get him a collar next. It is however important that you get only the right collar. The type of collar that you get for your dog will depend on the type of dog in question and what the collar is going to be used for. Collars can be found in a wide range of sizes. You will also find different styles.

The task of dog collars are aimed at only one thing-that of controlling your dog. With a leash attached to your dog collar, you will be better placed to control the antics of your dog when you go for your occasional neighborhood walk. As a result of its importance, you will need to pay attention to several features of your dog collar.

How large or small your dog collar is, is important. If your dog collar is too small, you stand the risk of choking your dog. Not a pleasant or nice thing to do. While a collar should not be loose enough to slip over a dog’s ears, it should not be tight against the dog’s skin.

A good measuring guide is to ensure that at least two of your fingers can be fit into the slack around the dog’s throat. You should however avoid making the collar too large because, most dogs will quickly figure out a way to slip out of their collar if they are given half the chance. You should also ensure that the material of the collar fits with the breed of dog in question. A collar should be able to withstand the strain that will be caused by an attached leash. You can’t expect to use the same collar fabric that you would put on a Chihuahua for a Labrador.

Rhinestone Dog Collar and Personalized Dog Collar

Another important area of use in dog collars, is the option of personalization. With a personalized dog collar, you will be able to include the details of your dog’s identity. You will be able to add your dog’s name and your contact information. You can also decide to add his favorite meal on the collar if you so desire.

All this will prove most beneficial in the event that your dog gets lost. The look of dog collar can be further improved with various fashion elements. For example, most shops offer dog collars in more than one color, giving you the option of using something fresh each day.