How A Family Pooch Enhances The Family

It is Christmas morning, and the little ones come bounding down the stairs. The first thing they hear is a quiet whimpering or a small yip. The first thing they see is a box that moves. What can it be? A new puppy! The best Christmas present a kid could find under the tree until the day after Christmas, New Year’s Day! What were you thinking? The cute tiny fuzz-ball is wreaking havoc in your house. You are all going to obedience school. Yes, Dog Training NY style or Dog Training NJ style is the indispensable next step to turn a boisterous, destructive puppy into a tame and well-behaved pet.

Once the dog learns its position in the family (his pack), it fits in and becomes the love of the childs life and a tight-lipped confidant. The children know that they can tell any secret to the dog, and the dog will never betray the confidence by blabbing the secret.

A dog is a good pet because it is willing to follow along with the kids and do whatever goofy things they want to do. What kid has never fed the dog a big blob of peanut butter? The dog loves the peanut butter and has a hilarious time trying to get the sticky paste off the roof of its mouth and into its belly. Also, what kid has never adorned the dog in silly clothes? And then they like to push the dog in the doll stroller. It is much easier to dress up the dog if it is easy-going and placid. A dog that wants to please is willing to put up with the humiliation of a funny outfit or sunglasses. If the dog is a big, strong breed, it may be willing to tow the kids in the wagon or on their roller skates.

A dog is also handy to have at leftover time. I once dropped an egg in front of the refrigerator. Before I could even start to think of how I was going to clean it up, Scooter-Bum had slurped it up in one big gulp. Then I could just wipe up the residue with damp paper towel. When I used to cook beef stew for the family supper, Scooter-Bum used to love to catch the scraps as I trimmed the stewing beef. And when the family had polished off everything but a bit of gravy in the bottom of the bowl, Scooter loved to lap up the last little bits. Some people are repulsed at the thought of a dog licking their plates, but the dishwasher detergent washes away everything from the dried up cereal to the dog saliva. Nothing could be cleaner than a plate washed in the dishwasher. Of course, other people believe that a healthy dog should eat nothing but nutritious dog food. I will sort of agree with them and say that dogs probably should not be fed table scraps. But it seems to me that a little bit of healthy people food cannot be too bad except for chocolate.