Many Types of Dog Collars

As a dog owner, you know the importance of having a nice, strong collar for your pet. You can opt for a leather or nylon collar; regardless of your choice, it should be durable and comfortable for your dog. When shopping for a dog collar, you should try to find one that fits your budget and suits your dog best.

Leather dog collars

Leather is all natural and will stretch to fit around the neck of almost any dog. When selecting a collar you do not want the collar to be too tight but it should also fit snugly. To insure a proper fit try inserting two fingers between the leather collar and your dogs skin. If you are unable to fit both fingers comfortably you will want to loosen the collar. Make sure the collar is not to loose or your dog is liable to escape! Owners of hunting dogs often elect to purchase a leather collar however, if your dog has a tendency to be in and out of water a nylon collar may be better.

Nylon dog collars

These collars are water and weather proof and are usually cheaper than leather collars. They also come in various styles and colors, helping you to match the collar to your and your dog’s attitude. They do not last as long and are often not quite as durable as leather collars, however. As with leather collars, ensure a good fit.

Dog collars for corrections

While a dog tracking collar sends you a signal to notify you wear your dog is a corrective collar sends a signal to the dog. Owners of hunting dogs generally find that these types of dog collars may be helpful in training your dog.

Having a safe and protected dog is the wish of every dog lover, and good training is a part of that. These collars can help make the process effective, fast, and humane and are generally easier on your pet than physical punishments.


Dog collars may be used for tracking, training, or simply allow the owner to attach a lead and identification tags. Whether you’re walking your dog, training and hunting dog, or out in the field with your hunting dog the right dog collar is critical to not only keeping your dog safe but also allows for easy identification if he should get away from you.


No matter what kind of dog you have, choosing the right collar is essential. There are many types of good dog collars out there, and you should be able to find all the Hunting Dog Supplies you may need at your local hunting dog supply store or online. Shop around and find the perfect one for both you and your dog.