My Sister-in-law Had a Dog That Must Have Suffered Serious Animal Joint Pain

I’ve never seen anything like it. She wasn’t very big at all. I believe she was a miniature shitsu. Whatever she was, the word miniature was aptly suited. She was also a bad tempered little thing, always wanting to bite anyone who got too close to her or her owner. Her nasty disposition was obvious and she wasn’t afraid to show it. She died of poor nutrition not too long ago which is why I’m referring to her in the past tense.

Animal Pain Relief

Apparently these types of dogs are prone to having chronic tooth problems but let me tell you something; the kind of food my in-laws were feeding that poor dog was an abomination. These little dogs are not intended to handle the kinds of foods we ingest. While she was still relatively young even it was in quite a bit of distress from the obvious pet pain it was in. I remember her teeth being her biggest problem. They never got her any dog pain relief which only served to make her more irritated. They always fed her the same food that they were eating. They had literally no concern about proper dog nutrition at all. They used to bring the dog over to my house and eventually, over time, her teeth slowly rotted away. My in-laws just ignored it because they figured it was a common thing to these dogs. It was they who were the cause of the pet pain by denying the little dog of proper dietary nutrition but it never concerned them.

The dog went blind eventually and over time went into a state of canine paralysis. I feel that by exposing what my own in-laws did to their dog, even though it’s a terrible thing to write about, I might be able to shame others when it comes to their dog’s nutritional requirements into correcting their behavior. With all of the data and knowledge available to common people like my in-laws it seems to me that no dog should ever have to go through the kind pain that little shitsu went through simply because they were too lazy to do a little dog pain research. I found an excellent site called Dr. Ava Frick where anyone can go to find out immensely valuable information about the nutritional needs of their pets. My wife no longer associates with her sister and neither do I. Because of built in programming dogs are compelled to protect people they have imprinted on. Shouldn’t we do a better job protecting them? Dog Joint Pain.