Puppy Training For Large Dogs

Unless you have a big empty space in your chest that chucks out ice cubes, having to discipline your puppy can be a heart wrenching task! Of course that little puppy is adorable and sweet and he or she is still going to be just as adorable and cute and love you just as much with discipline. That’s why you buy cute little doggie shoes because you love them and want to protect them.

When is the best time to start training your pup? Well I am sure you have heard that 6 months is the norm. Throw that idea out of your head! That is a myth! Dog experts as well as veterinarians will tell you that you should start training as early as possible! So you will want to go pick up some dog crate covers and cheap dog crates to help with potty training your dog. The biggest problem have as far as training is mainly in regard to escapees, dogs who run away from home if you will. Containment for most breeds is really simple with the advent of underground dog fence  or electric dog fence as seen on Amazon. You can also find really good dog fence reviews here.

Puppies should start the minute they are brought home a training regime.Yes, puppies as young as a few weeks old can start their training and socialization that early! Early training is an absolute must if you have a puppy that is a large sized breed dog. For these dogs, because of the size they will get, the earlier they get training the better! There is nothing worse than having an untrained, obnoxious 75 pound dog jumping up on you and other people without the ability to stop. By the time these dogs are seven to nine months of age, they will be too strong for most family members to handle.

It has been proven by many dog behavior experts that training at such a young age for any breed and size pup is effortless! Fact: puppies who begin their training at 2-3 weeks of age due to their socialization end up not biting and being aggressive. They are happy, healthy, and social canine companions! Training is not something that you should just pitch out the window should have an older dog. It simply means that you are going to have to work harder and it may take longer.